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Nasim Rose is an Industrial Designer with +10 years experiences in diverse design fields, product design, packaging design, and jewelry design. She looks at design with a fun, artistic, and inventive twist. 
She is skilled in bringing products to market through an intense understanding of manufacturing processes, design requirements, project management, and documentation. For each new challenge, she uses her love of learning along with different experts to guide herself. She always translates her understanding of users' need for a successful product and design.
Being passionate about design, led her to teach design courses at different design schools for over 12 years.
Nasim has been involved in a variety of graphic design projects include identity (logos and branding), publications (newspapers and books), print advertisements, posters, website graphics and elements, signs and protective packaging solution. Her proficiency and knowledge in most commonly used computer design applications is significant. She currently lives in Vancouver, WA, USA.
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