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Nasim Rose, Graphic and Marketing Designer
Nasim Rose, a Vancouver, WA-based designer specializing in graphic and product design, has cultivated her skills through a blend of education and over a decade of professional experience. She embarked on her design journey by earning a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, which paved the way for her initial role as a product designer. Concurrently, she pursued a master's degree in product design, a period during which she developed a keen eye for guiding and instructing design students.

Her exposure to the intertwined realms of product design and marketing ignited a passion for the latter. This fascination with the synergy between design and marketing has been a driving force throughout her career. Following her relocation to the US, Nasim delved deeper into the realm of marketing design, leveraging her creative talents to craft compelling compositions that resonated with a growing audience on social media. Now boasting over a decade of professional experience, she has discovered a harmonious connection between her foundational studies in industrial design and her current graphic design work, particularly in promoting products and services.

Today, Nasim's career revolves around helping clients achieve their marketing objectives through the adept use of professional software and applications. Her diverse portfolio showcases a range of well-received designs, each project approached with a meticulous study of shape, interplay, texture, and tension. Specializing in art direction, graphic design (both digital and print), social media management, packaging, and pre- and post-production, Nasim's creative journey and skill set can be explored further through her LinkedIn profile.
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